Restoration Committee Today

A Second Chance for Second House

The Second House Restoration Committee of the MHS, together with the Town of East Hampton, has embarked on a three-phase project to restore the 1746 building and develop a vibrant and stimulating museum for our local community as well as for the visitors who come to Montauk from all over the world.

Phase One has been completed, and plans have been drawn up to restore the House to 1886. Phase Two of the project, which involves most of the exterior work, is in full swing, with completion expected by the end of 2020. Phase Three, dealing with the interior as well as museum design, is planned for 2021.

Historian Robert Hefner and the Town of East Hampton have prepared a Historical Structure report, which you can read here. Besides offering suggestions for restoring Second House, the report provides a vivid narrative of the fascinating history that the House has witnessed in its nearly 275 years.

Please support our restoration efforts by making a donation today and join us at one of our future fundraisers. The Montauk Historical Society will continue to host fun and educational events during the reconstruction. For more information on donating, sponsoring or volunteering, please contact