Historic Structure Report

The Montauk Historical Society Board has agreed unanimously to endorse the recommendations Robert Hefner included in his Historic Structure Report dated March 2016, specifically that the Second House be restored to its appearance in 1886 when George A. Osborne, the last keeper employed by the proprietors of Montauk, departed.

Included is Robert Hefner’s closing paragraph to his report:

“A restored Second House, along with a restored barn and a restored visual connection to Fort Pond, would greatly enhance the ability of this property to convey its historic significance. The Second House retains significant interior fabric from the nineteenth century. There is potential for an accurate restoration of the exterior and interior to recall lives of the keepers of Second House and their role in managing the Montauk pasture, the primary resource of East Hampton’s agrarian economy for over two hundred years.”

Click here to download the full report.