Montauk Indian Museum

Because of this rich pre-history, the Montauk Historical Society has created a museum to preserve and present to the public the history of the original inhabitants of the land. The Montauk Indian Museum is designed around the four main segments of Native American history: the Paleo, Archaic, Woodland, and Contact Periods. Visitors will view large murals depicting scenes of Indian life specific to each time. Additionally, artifacts (locally found or reproduced) will help visitors understand the evolution of tools and how Native Americans used high levels of skill and indigenous materials to survive for many thousands of years before the arrival of Europeans.

The museum offers hands-on experiences through events such as our Archaeology Festivals, during which visitors had the opportunity to experience primitive technology first-hand. Flint-knapping, tanning of hides, Native American cookery, basket-making, blow-gun hunting, and wampum-making are some of the skills that have been explored.

Through workshops, lectures, films, and displays, visitors are offered opportunities to explore early Native American life with an emphasis on skills and materials used in our area, a chance to see Montauk through ancient eyes.

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