Lighthouse 225th Anniversary July Lecture Series

Join us in the Oceans Institute at the Lighthouse for these exciting and thought-provoking lectures

July 6 (Tues) 2 pm

Chris Paparo, Southampton Marine Science Center Manager: “From Plankton  to Whales- Why our local waters are worth protecting.” Regain your enthusiasm for protecting our marine environment by learning about some of the fascinating marine life that inhabits the waters of Long Island.

July 13 (Tues) 2 pm

Tara Rider, Stony Brook lecturer:  “The Swashbuckling History of Women in Piracy.” Spanning the globe and centuries, female pirates have sailed the seas, captivating audiences both in their own times and today.  Come explore their history.

Illustrated Talk:  July 15 (Thurs) 6 pm

Explorer, marine scientist, photographer and filmmaker Gaelin Rosenwaks:  “Tales of the Open Ocean:  Adventures at Sea.”  Gaelin’s talk will take you around the world to explore the beauty of our oceans while illuminating the cutting-edge research being conducted to understand the complexity of their ecosystems.   Driven by her academic background in marine science, and using photographs and video to document her exploration, she hopes to heighten awareness of the importance of protecting the health of our planet.  She will also give a sneak peak of her current film project, “Finding Physty,” about her connection with a young sperm whale.

July 22 (Thurs) 2 pm

Julia Stepanuk, Ph.D. candidate, “Humpback whales in the big city – how whales inform conservation in New York waters.” What can humpback whales tell us about the ocean’s health? Immerse yourself in the beauty of the south shore from a whale’s perspective!

July 29 (Thurs) 2 pm

Paul Shepson, Dean of the School of Atmospheric Sciences at Stony Brook:  “Helping New York State lead in managing the change to a renewable and sustainable energy future.”  Hear all about New York State’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA), and its ambitious goals to completely change the way we produce and consume energy in New York State.