Montauk Lighthouse

The Montauk Lighthouse is in the middle of its most extensive construction project since 1860. The tower, after years of exposure to wind, rain, snow and sun, had begun cracking and absorbing moisture.

A three-phase project was begun in 2019 to restore it to its former strength and glory. The first phase, completed last year, saw a full restoration of the metal work and lantern on top of the Lighthouse tower.

We are now in the second phase of the project, which involves stripping the existing paint and repairing the cracks, bulging and spalling. It also includes repainting the entire structure. This phase will continue into 2021.

Phase three will require that a mineral-based paint be applied to the tower, which will preserve the stone and mitigate the condensation, allowing the structure to breathe, as it was originally intended to do. These efforts, slated to be completed in 2021, in time for our 225th anniversary, should protect the integrity of the lighthouse for at least another hundred years.


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