The Montauk Historical Society is a privately funded, non-profit organization. Our purpose is to collect, restore, preserve and display historically significant buildings, objects, and writings, and to preserve the history and culture of Montauk and the East End for this and future generations. We own and operate the Montauk Point Lighthouse (which was recently honored to receive the status of National Historic Landmark), and the Montauk Indian Museum. We are the caretakers of Second House Museum.

Montauk Historical Society Board of Directors

President: Stephanie Krusa
Vice President: Martha Reichert
Treasurer: Dick White
Board Members: Wendy Duryea, Andy Harris, Ann Joyce, John McDonald, Michael Mirras, Brian Pope, Nick Racanelli
Liaison: Greg Donohue
Executive Director: Mia Certic

Second House Committee, Chair: Jessica James
Lighthouse Committee, Chair: Dick White
Montauk Indian Museum, Chairs: Lawrence and Ellen Cooke