Welcome Letter

Thank you for your interest in our 48th Annual MHS Second House Museum Craft Show. Our shows for 2019 will be July 13 & 14 and August 10 & 11 and September 21 & 22.

Our fee for each show for 10′ x 10′ space is $250. However, if you choose to pay for all 3 shows up front, the fee will be $600 total, a savings of $150! The fees are payable in full prior to July 1st for the July show, prior to July 29th for the August show, and prior to September 9th for the September show. We are no longer accepting personal checks. All payments must be made by credit card in full to hold your spot.

We would like to thank you for your continued support and we are excited to announce that construction will begin in February for the restoration of Second House! That being said, there are a lot of variables with construction and it’s possible that certain booths may be compromised. Since we have no way of knowing for certain, we would appreciate everyone being flexible as we approach the shows in case we need to shift your spot a bit. Of course we are hoping to keep things as close to our usual layout as possible.

For the two weeks prior to the show, we blitz all of our social media pages and WLNG 92.1. The station runs 6 spots a day for the two weeks before and the weekend of the event.

Our roots go back to our first show in 1971. Our current Second House Committee asks that you carefully read our exhibitor rules. IF your work is NOT as represented in your photos, your entry fee will be forfeited and you will be asked to leave the show. Our committee members look not only at the quality of the work submitted, but we will also pay attention to the diversity of subject matter and what can sell in the Montauk to New York City area.

As we receive our list of PARTICIPATING CRAFTERS we will include links to their websites. Before and after the show, our buyers can review the websites to order items and contact our artists.


Vendor applications are available through this website. CLICK HERE TO RESERVE A BOOTH ONLINE. You can also email us at: montaukhistoricalsociety@gmail.com with any questions and provide any feedback from previous shows.

As per our history at the Second House Craft Fair, we will continue to supply trashcans and porta-potties… in the past everyone has done a wonderful job cleaning up their areas, please continue to do so. This year we will again continue with our delicious snacks and drinks for the hard-working vendors!

Montauk is now one of the top destinations in the country for summer traffic flow. We are among the best craft shows on the east coast and we thank YOU, our crafters, for continuing to support our efforts by supporting us.

Amy Hubbard & Kathryn Nadeau – Event Directors