Essay Contest Winners – 2017

1st Place – David Llivipuma
Sculpture of the Montauk Lighthouse in a plexiglass box

2nd Place – David Gregorio
A travel board of all the places in Montauk to visit – a gem – chamber of commerce material.

3rd Place – Julianne Murray

Honorable Mention –
Ambioris Fernandez
Jordan Kim
Virginia Presinol


In Memory of Betsy White
October 10, 2016

Our past President and Matriarch of Montauk, beloved Mother to children, Lee, Rick and Heather as well as Grandmother to her six grandchildren.



A Tribute to Betsy White
by Catherine Ecker Flanagan, a lifelong friend
October 15, 2016

There are many things that Montauk people are known for… having a fierce love of the community, and also a willingness to roll up ones sleeves and work to keep it the home that we love. Our town has lost one of our greatest champions, Betsy White. A person who loved the historical significance of Montauk and devoted many many years to preserving our traditions. Betsy was a force. Straightfoward and intelligent, she was a person who didn’t tiptoe through life. She was always willing to back up her belief with lots of hard work. A strong lady with a very soft center and a heart of gold. Betsy is someone who had special significance for Tom. She, along with Dick White were the owners at Whites Liquors when a young Tom Phillips came to town and decided to stay. The welcome and friendship that they showed Tom made Whites a home for him. He worked for them for many years before buying the business. So Betsy was a family member for us here at Whites. If you believe in a life beyond this one, you can imagine that Betsy is peaceful, content in the good job she did and the mark she left on family, friends, and community. But to know Betsy you can’t help but think that she left this earth wanting to do more. That was her nature, to get things done. She will always be missed.





Birth Announcements

Nina Ryon Joeckel
Born 6/22/16
7:20 pm


Parents – Hana Geery & Nicholas Joeckel




Essay Contest Winners – 2016

1st Place – Lucia Ibrahim
Poem about The Rough Riders


‘The Rough Riders’

Montauk in 1898
Over 100 years ago…
They landed on the shore at Fort Pond Bay
Where the winds constantly blow
The Rough Riders returned
From the Spanish American War
They came on The Miami from San Juan
And landed on our Montauk shore
Throughout the war and at Camp Wikoff
Teddy Roosevelt had guided them through it all
Through rough and trying times
Teddy stood by his men proud and tall
The Riders had set up Camp Wikoff in Montauk
Where Ditch Plains is today
While recovering from Yellow fever
This is where the men had to stay
From wounds and sores on their skin
Many men died of starvation
The Rough Riders came home so stick thin
While being quarantined in Montauk
He came up with his future plan
Teddy proved he could walk the walk
He would be president someday
Teddy showed all the qualities of a leader
His men would certainly say
Teddy had visions of what our great Country needs
If anyone could do it
He could turn those visions into deeds
Teddy was a great influence on the many leaders to come
With a little grit and perseverance
Teddy soldiered on and got the job done
Two years later he became our 26th president
Teddy Roosevelt and The Rough Riders
Became a major historical event
The county named a park after him
Then the legislators took it away
The people felt they did this on a whim
The legislators said at Third House the Riders didn’t stay
Montauk in 1898


2nd Place – Lea Mancini
A video interviewing people in the community about Montauk

3rd Place – Dawson Lenahan
A poster display on the Montauk Fire Department

Honorary Mention – Megan White
A video and poem about the Montauk Lighthouse

Honorary Mention – Topher Cullen
A published book of images about Montauk


Essay Contest Winners – 2014

Honorable Mention – Emily Miller

‘Montauk and its Beauty’

Twelve years in Montauk
the beautiful scenery
I will never leave

I love its nature
When I hike through the forest
I encounter life

The deer glances up
As the rain falls on the trees
Then gracefully runs