Restoration Committee Today

Second House Restoration Committee of the MHS is coordinating with the Town of East Hampton in the effort of restoring this jewel, built in 1746.

Robert Hefner and the Town of East Hampton completed the first Historical Structure report, published in entirety on the website.

All of the inner walls and ceilings have been exposed and plans are being drawn for this house to be restored to its former 1880 ‘keepers house’

We will reopen hopefully by spring 2020 at which time we will offer educational programs in the form of visual learning tools for all elementary and high school students learning about the grass roots of American history here within the town of East Hampton. Teachers, artists, veterans, historians, tourists and so many more will want to again visit this unique landmark.

We continue our fundraising events for this year in an effort to fund quality educational programs upon completion of our restoration.

100% of all donations to be used for future museum programs.

Please show your support by attending one of our many fundraisers throughout this coming year. For more information on donating, sponsoring, or volunteering for any of our upcoming events, please contact or